Nations of the Continents

There are two known continents are are frequently traveled, and many islands.

The main continent is the northern continent. Is is divided in the South, North, East, West and the Core.

The Far North is populated by many, many tribes of humans and many more orcish tribes and a handful of Frost Giant kingdoms. A handful of Fire Giant Kingdoms can be found upon the volcanoes in that forsaken land. As it stands the only thing preventing these barbarians from raiding south into the warmer lands is the Kingdom of Hydris and the Empire of Maldrun Hall. Hydris is populated by a tall, pale people who use the extensive river systems of the north to travel quickly. Despite the fact that most of the far north is frozen, there are certain ‘oasis’ that arise near the warm rivers, hot springs and volcanoes. These oasis are plentiful enough to support great herds of elk and shrubs that produce the famed Fireberries, which help in supporting the vast tribes (and Hydris) in the North.

The Core is dominated by green plains, with few hills scattered throughout the vast expanse. Though there are many small forests, there are no large ones. The Kingdom of Chalmagn controls much of the Core, but the rest is populated by monster tribes (mainly gnolls and goblins), more than two dozen small kingdoms, and the rare wild elf tribe which still roam the unclaimed grasslands. In recent times, the gnolls have grown bold and several minor warlords have assaulted the small kindgoms, drawing the armies of them into guerilla warfare. Chalmagn faces off against the ever-present danger of a Citalen attack and the ever bolder hordes of Yvenir Throat-Tearer, a fierce ogre warlord who leads vast numbers of goblins, gnolls, and ogres.

The West is, but for a few exceptions, forest. The largest forest known, in fact. It is protected by the last nation of Elves, Kel-Trin. Despite their claim to the forest, even the elves have not completely explored it, and most of the western most continent is unexplored. The Elves are not completely united under Kel-Trin and when the call came out years ago for all elves who sought a home come to Kel-Trin, most simply moved to the western forests and set up thriving villages. Wood Elf tribes roam the forest in the hundreds, and several Celnan clans have begun moving into the forests, to escape the assault of Cital. These have been welcomed by the Elves, as the clans that make it are led by Druids friendly to the forests.

The East is similar to the West, except that there are no elven nations, only a scattered gathering of wild elves, and the oddly rare wood elf village. Many of the wild elves have a great beast as a totem, the most common being the giant eagle, which is ridden into battle by such tribes. Other totems are the Dire Wolves, Drakes, tigers, even the occasional unicorn or pegasus totem. The Eastern Forests are not nearly as safe as their western counterparts. Just on the surface are orc tribes, giant animals, and goblinkind. Deep into the forests are lone mountains inhabited by dragons, and occasionally draconic colonies. Other dangers, like giants and primeval orc tribes, live in these deep woodlands, but at the furthest end, none know. Something always prevents explorers from reaching the other side. Despite its dangers, settlers often travel to these forests to found their own settlements, free of national ties. Orc raids are very often and thus these settlers either become tough or die. The settlers will find friends with the wild elves in these conflicts, but when expanding into the deeper woodlands, they are ruthlessly attacked by their erstwhile allies.

To the South are many rolling hills and plains. There are few forests, but they are large. In the South lies two powers. Just under the Eastern Forests is the Conclave of Anros, upon the Telent peninsula. The people of Telent are situated in great cities settled upon the plentiful hills. They prize knowledge and boast plentiful amounts of spellcasters. Their armies are centered around citizen-militia who are armed with large shields and spears. Forming their elite core are warrior-casters whose spells are rightly feared and have brought a swift end to many assaults upon Telent. Dominating the majority of the South, however, is the nation of Cital. Its legions were formed and battle tested against the many scores of city-states and small kingdoms that once controlled the South. What once was a patchwork of rising and falling countries, is now the one united Citalen Republic. After conquering the South, they turned their eyes to colonising the southern continent’s north and many islands in-between. As it stands, their greatest threat is the pirates, the Celnan tribes and consolidating their power. The Celnan tribes, who populate the forests and hills beyond the reach of civilized powers, are led by strong chieftains and druids. They have fought the Citalen Republic since its inception, but are slowly losing and becoming controlled or slain by their enemy.

Nations of the Continents

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