The Pantheon of Gods

There are the standard gods, which are universally worshiped, and transcend race and nation.
- Goliath, god of honor and battle
- Luman, god of the Sun, mercy, compassion. Patron of most good things.
- Ozymendious, one of the Stewards, god of magic and knowledge.
- Dagma, god of nature, one of the Stewards
- The Sky Lord, The Lord of the Skies, and master of the Plane of Air. One of the Stewards
- Greklore, The Lord of the Earth, master of the Plane of Earth, One of the Stewards
- Salamar, The Lord of Fire, master of the Plane of Fire, One of the Stewards
- Aquasia, The Lady of Water, mistress of the Plane of Water, One of the Stewards
- Canis Lupin, God of lycanthropes (mainly werewolves)
- Avericious, God of Trade and Merchants
- Galid, God of piety and virtue
- Vindira, Goddess of loyalty and dedication
- Ashire, Goddess of law and order. One of the Stewards
- Thenizun, god of Chaos. One of the Stewards
- Rayisius, god of good. Dead. One of the {Stewards}
- Seathe, god of evil. Dead. One of the Stewards
- Circe, goddess of beauty and love
- Remus, god of nobility
- Io, god of peace and tranquility
- Nosfarian, god of the undead, namely the sentient dead
- Ros Euto, god of travel
- Rao, goddess of joy and hope
- Ural, god of healing
- Weshasis, goddess of secretes
- Cerez, god of invention

There are the racial gods, which apply only to a given race of people (elves, dwarves, etc.)

Dwarven Deities
Elven Deities

There are the national gods, which apply to only a single country (Cital, Hydris, Telent, etc.). Some overlap, i.e. Goliath is both a universal god, but is also part of the national gods of Hydris.

Gods of Cital
Gods of Hydris
Gods of Telent
[[Gods of Chalmagn)
Gods of Celnan

There are the Gods of the Lower Planes, which are evil deities who are worshiped only in secrete in most places.

Lastly, there are the semi-divine. Very powerful and/or old beings that aren’t quite gods, but would seem so to the average person.

The Green Man
Hydris (the legend)

The Pantheon of Gods

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